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Getting started

Use the links on our site or search for achu to download on your iPhone or Android device from the app store.
Once you have created an account, login and navigate to settings. Select authorize Fitbit to sync your bracelet data to achu.
For achu to learn your sickness patterns you must calibrate it with a sickness so it can analyze your data. Navigate to Calibration and enter your symptoms and achu will begin to track this sickness.
Receive daily health notifications based on your current data. A high percentage means a high risk of a reoccurring sickness.

General Questions

achu takes your past sick data and anaylzes the sequences and trends prior to you being sick. achu runs this data against your realtime data to give you a prediction probability based on your most recent data.
achu was designed to help people avoid symptoms usually encountered with the common cold such as headaches, cough, fever, stuffed nose and much more! As long as you enter when ever you feel ill, achu will analyze the days leading up to it so it can find out what combination of health patterns hurt your immune system.
Currently all Fitbit® bracelets are supported on achu.
achu will scale its algorithm depending on which Fitbit® bracelet you own. If you are using the older flex or newer alta, achu's algorithm will not include the heart rate feature.
For achu to know when your sick, you must calibrate it initially by simply inputing that you are sick. There is no need to enter anymore information since it has all been recorded from your Fitbit®!

Fitness Bracelet Setup

There is no need to connect your bracelet directly with achu. However, upon sign-up, you will be asked to authorize achu access to your Fitbit® profile.
achu will insert dummy data into your algorithm until it can retrieve the data from your bracelet.
Yes! Currently the app will only work with Fitbit® bracelets, but we have plans to expand the compatibility to Jawbone, Garmin and Microsoft bracelets.