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About our company

Ever wish your Fitbit® could tell you more than just how many steps you took, how many calories you burned, or how well you slept? Now it can with the achu app.

achu is the first mobile app that can help you prevent getting sick. achu uses predictive technology to determine when a user will get a cold by analyzing the day to day patterns in their Fitbit® data. achu leverages analytics and data science to give users health predictions based on their past and present data.

In order for achu to know what health patterns constitute for the individual user being sick, the user must first calibrate the app by entering that they are, in fact, sick. The user has the option to track various symptoms such as: headache, cough, runny nose, stuffed nose, fatigue, fever, and aches & pains. Once the user calibrates the app with a sickness, achu will begin to look for similar trends and patterns that match the sequence of data in the aforementioned sickness calibration. The user can calibrate achu with as many sicknesses as they like, and achu will generate a unique algorithm for each of them.

Take control of your reoccurring symptoms by letting achu track them and predict the likelihood of them happening again so you can proactively defend against them. Once installed and calibrated, achu will notify you each day on the probability of getting sick!

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